Hints for Defining a Dance Schedule

Because there are so many square dance opportunities in the Rio Grande Valley, we don't want to bombard you by listing dances of no interest to you. Therefore, we provide a means of restricting the listing.

You must, in all cases, specify a date range. The two dates that appear as a suggestion are today and two weeks from now. If you want to see what dances are in a longer or shorter period, change the dates accordingly. Use the same month, day, year format with forward slashes between.

Using the list boxes is optional. If you don't click on any limiting factors, like callers, dance halls, dance levels, or dance types, you will see all RGV dances occurring in your selected range of dates.

If you make choices in the list boxes, you can pick any combination of callers, halls, levels, or dance types. For example, you might highlight your three favorite callers and two dance levels that you enjoy.

Notice that you will need to hold down the control key (Windows) or command key (Mac) if you want to highlight more than one item in a list box.

After you have specified the limits and clicked on "Display selected dances", you will notice that the listing of dances has caller names and hall names in boxes. Those boxes are links to details about the callers or halls.

We hope to see you at the dances!

Click here to define preferred dances.